How to Get an Offer on My House?

1. Price It Right. This Is The Biggest Sticking Point With Most Sellers.  As A Realtor, I Will Sit Down With You And Present The Market Analysis Of Your Neighborhood.  I Always Say ” It’s In The Numbers”.   Which Means,  I Will Show You All The Homes That Have Sold, Currently On The Market, Withdrawn And Fell Thru In The Neighborhood.  The Proof Of What The Homes Sell, Are Is The Numbers.

If The Seller Wants To Set The Price High And Come Down Later Really Delays The Sale Of The Home.  Buyers Are So Knowledgeable Because Of The Internet And What Is At Their Disposal They Will Bypass A House Because Of The Price.  The Buyer Is Thinking, Why Waste Time Placing An Offer When I Can Get An Identical Home For $10,000 Lower Down The Street.  So the Seller needs to set the price accordingly that will bring all qualified buyers.

2. Prepare For Visitors. Get Your House Market Ready At Least Two Weeks Before You Begin Showing It.

3. Be Flexible About Showings. It’s Often Disruptive To Have A House Ready To Show At The Spur Of The Moment. But The More Amenable You Can Be About Letting People See Your Home, The Sooner You’ll Find A Buyer.

4. Anticipate The Offers. Decide in advance what price and terms you’ll find acceptable. The #1 thing to anticipate is the closing costs assistance.  I also work with a lot of buyers and in this market my buyers always get the closing costs assistance because that is part of this market.  It really can’t be avoided so this is always kept in mind when figuring what you will net in the end.

5. Don’t Refuse To Drop The Price. If Your Home Has Been On The Market For More Than 30 Days Without An Offer, You Should Be Prepared To At Least Consider Lowering Your Asking Price.

What is My Home Worth?

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