Your Happiness Is A Reflection Of My Dedication
— Brent Montella, The Realtor

Brent has been one of the top agents in the Sea Shore Realty office for the last 10 years.  He has been awarded the 2011 Bronze as well as the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Gold “Circle of Excellence” awards from the Hampton Roads Realtor Association.  He routinely receives outstanding feedback from clients.  Brent is currently a trainer, recruiter, mentor, and plays a vital role in the DNA of Sea Shore Realty.  

For the past several years Brent has had the opportunity to do public speaking in a variety of different venues on several different topics beyond real estate.  It has always been a passion of his to motivate and inspire others through his speaking engagements.  

Brent served the community of Virginia Beach as a police officer and retired after a great 15 years with the department.  He continues to serve this same community for 10 years strong now as a Realtor.  Brent is always moving forward, always learning, and always growing.  For Brent, it has always been about building relationships because relationships are the foundation of life.  

His Facebook fan pages, Instagram, Twitter, Google +, Linked In and blog will be on the forefront of the real estate market containing pictures, videos, and articles from experts in the industry.  His hope is to be the “go-to” guy for all your real estate needs as well as to educate you on home ownership and the community.  

Brent also trains and pushes his step-son in races as a member of Team Hoyt VB.  This organization is setup so that the volunteers are the legs for children with disabilities.  This allows them be able to run the races and to participate in community activities.  He currently is one of the leaders of a mentor program called Strength with Wave City Care.

When working with Brent you don’t just get a Realtor you can trust, you get a collection of individuals in his Group that work together for the common goal of a smooth transaction and transition into your new home or out of your existing home.  His desire and top priority is to get you into the best neighborhood that is customized to your wants, needs, and lifestyle or to help you in the transition out of your existing home.

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Brent Montella - Agent with Sea Shore Realty Inc.