So You Want to Buy a Short Sale?

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So you want to buy a short sale? You want a great deal? Here is a little bit of information on Short Sales. I am very experienced working with short sales on both sides as a listing agent and as a buyers agent. I have negotiated short sales personally and now for the last couple of years have partnered with a local attorney,  who only deals with short sales.  This allows the transaction process to be as quick and streamline as possible for all parties involved.

As a buyer or seller in the transaction you must be patient and flexible with closing dates, countering back and forth with the bank as well as the possibility of very slow responses because so many people are involved in the process.

In a routine home sale it can close easily between 21-45 days depending on the mortgage company you going through . A short sale can take an average of 2-6 months depending on which bank is holding the mortgage along with other variables. Short sales are not for everyone but it can be very beneficial for someone. Again be patient and flexible and let us lead the way.

Brent Montella, The Realtor

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