Keys to Getting Started on Your Personalized Action Plan...

My commitment to you:

  1. I will get you connected with a loan officer to get you pre-approved.
  2. Consult with you on the criteria of your new home i.e. neighborhoods, square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, school district……..
  3. Set you up in the computer for automatic emails.
  4. Assign you a personal website to keep up on the homes you receive.
  5. You can also access my website and browse for Homes.
  6. I am very flexible and responsive to all of my clients by calls, texts or emails.
  7. Once you choose homes to look at, I will:- Call listing agent
    – Schedule appointments
    – Get any other information not in the listing that can benefit you.
  8. I will show you the homes.
  9. If you look at a new construction or For Sale by Owner advise them you are working with an agent or you might not have representation.
  10. I will do research on the property (A Comparative Market Analysis) prior to submitting an offer.
  11. I will explain the art of the transaction not just the technicalities.
  12. I will conduct negotiations.
  13. Maintain confidentiality.
  14. Be entirely committed to you.
  15. Get you into the highest quality neighborhood for your price range.

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Buyers: Wants & Needs Form (Fill out the form below and let's get started!)

The following questions will give me a better idea on how I can serve you properly.  Fill out the wants and needs checklist based on your lifestyle; how you live today and how you want to live five years from now.  This list will also assist me and my team to make your experience efficient, smooth and enjoyable!  My team and I will contact you in a timely manner and once this form is submitted you are on your way to owning a home!

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Name (First Applicant)
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Wants and Needs
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Here you can describe any details about the type of home you are looking for, buying situation you may be in or any other important information and preferences so we may serve you in the best capacity!

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